Here is a small collection of some tracks produced by Kazuna Nakama. You can view and listen to a whole archive of tracks here at Hinterland Road.

Story of Chouko - Tranquil Shrine

This track is used in a scene where Chouko is in a shrine. It is meditative and serene, and you are surrounded by nature.

Voyage of the Beagle - Puzzle Theme

This is the theme used for puzzles in Voyage of the Beagle.

Story of Chouko - Moon Ballad

This song plays in an area lit by moonlight. Everything is calm and glowing with crickets chirping in the background. There is also a glimmering pond in the area.

Rising Tide - Life Shrine Two

This track is used in Rising Tide's Life Shrine level. This is a very old track but holds true to the strange and unique soundscape featured in the Rising Tide Universe.

Rising Tide - Trailer

This was a piece composed to be used as the soundtrack to a Rising Tide trailer featuring CGI and footage of gameplay, along with some other cinematics.

Misc - Winter

This track was made as a theme for winter. It has no specific relation to any project but was made as a standalone track. It nicely presents the sounds and textures that depict winter.

Story of Chouko - Title

This is the music used in the Title Screen for Story of Chouko.

Story of Chouko - The Great Journey

This track will be placed in an intro cutscene that introduces the world and the beginning of the story.