Kazuna Nakama カズナ 仲間

Software Developer - Composer - Artist - Model

P: 1-(224)-220-7291

E: kazunanakama@gmail.com


Rising Tide International, Worldwide, Director

2008 - Present

Small organization focused on developing role-playing games, project management software, and artwork. Founder and Primary Director. Leader of a small team of 6-8 Artists, Writers, and Programmers.

Automatic Building Controls, Chicago/Rolling Meadows, Junior IT Assistant, Web Developer

2015 -2018

Helped with technology related tasks, Web Development, and Linux Server Administration

Aues Technologies, Philippines, Composer


Composed the soundtrack for two mobile games, Oh My Gravity, and Hit the Can. Both titles published on mobile.


Columbia College Chicago


Attended Chinese, Psychoacoustics, and 3D Design.

Savannah College of Art and Design


Attended a Drawing Painting, and Design class. Rising Star Summer Program.

Southwestern Illinois College


Attended a class on HTML and Web Development.


Web Development


Game Development

Digital and Traditional Artwork

Music Composition

Audio Engineering








React, Express, Node.js

FL Studio, Ableton





Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011

3rd Place Mobile Games


Native English

Excellent Japanese

Some Korean

Some Chinese(Mandarin)



— Project Management Web App

In active development. Contains authentication, usergroups, a message board, chatroom, user profiles, and task management. Made using CakePHP 3 Web Framework. Focus is on Collaboration, Communication, and Conceptualization. Keep track of project files, members, tasks, ideas, and pages.

Kazuna Nakama Portfolio 

— A website showcasing my work

Portfolio website including multi-lingual biography, music, games, and a gallery of digital and traditional artwork created by me. Custom-made using CakePHP 3. http://kazunanakama.hinterlandroad.org

Story of Chouko 

— Toon shaded RPG

In active development. Currently a player can move around a simple test level, walk, and jump. 3D Modeling, Audio, and Programming by me, Textures and 3D animation contributions by Callie Do and Julius Lee. Developed using the open source game engine, Godot, and open source multimedia application, Blender.

Voyage of the Beagle

— Marine Sci-fi Adventure Game

Currently in the Concept and Artwork  phase. Planned mechanics revolve around collecting samples of marine life, upgrading your diving equipment, and customizing your room in the Marine Base. Story follows a series of missions which have the player finding different things, solving puzzles, and exploring the Ocean. Artwork and 3D Modeling contributions by me, as well as Creative Director duties. Will be developed using Godot Game Engine.

Hinterland Road

 — Magic  themed RPG, Comic

Directed and produced concepts, artwork, and ideas for this Fantasy RPG and Comic. Primary objectives of the game are to restore karmic balance using a simple but expansive spell casting system, which uses four elements to achieve different effects. You play the role of a new magic student cast into a chaotic situation on the first day of school. Comic Illustrated by Ben Poulsen, small demo with a game character was developed by me using Godot Game Engine(Open Source).

Rising Tide

 — Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Currently in the Planning Stage, features include realtime chat, weapons, armor, and clothing, crafting, and four fictional but functioning languages that add to the depth of the world. Centric around different cultures and their history, you embark on a journey to find hidden secrets, stories, areas, and times in the realm known as Konna. Currently there is a great amount of concept art, design documents, 3D Models, and Character Designs completed. Programming will be done using Godot and Open Source software.

Rising Tide International

— Organization for Game Development, Art, and Software

In active development. Primary Website being custom-coded with blog, forum, library of projects, and artwork gallery. Current Website using open source web applications for internal and public website. Internally, we are using Debian, Ubuntu, RocketChat, PhpBB, Mediawiki, and Apache web server. Setup, Administration, and Maintenance by me.

Pandemic Microsoft Imagine Cup 3rd Place Winner, 2011

 — Mobile Tower Defense for Medical Awareness and Education

Developed with three teammates from University of Louisville Kentucky. Artwork, Music, Animation, and Audio created by me, as well as initial setup of team’s version control system. Early Demo was submitted to Microsoft for the Imagine Cup Mobile Game Development Competition.Pandemic was completed and achieved third place in the Mobile Games category for the competition. Teammates and Mentor: Quinn Johns, Richard Paris, Mathew Dahl, and our team mentor, Dar-Jen Chang(Team Mentor).