Pandemic [3rd Place Imagine Cup 2011]

Roles: Artist, Sound, VC Manager

Pandemic is a tower defense game that acts as a conduit in the education and prevention of AIDS. Players of Pandemic are submersed into the human body where they assume the role of the immune system in a battle against AIDS.

Team members: Quinn Johns(UoL), Richard Paris(UoL), Mathew Dahl(UoL), Kazuna Nakama(CCC)

Team Mintrus's Pandemic won third place in the national game design competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011. The game is an Educational Tower Defense game that informs players about HIV and AIDS and the treatments for both diseases. It runs on Windows Phone and was developed in approximately three months. It has graphics, interactive programming, music, and full 2D animation.

Hit the Can - Aeus Tech

Roles: Soundtrack

Hit the can is a strategy game developed by AEUS TECH, a game developer based in Iloilo City, Philippines. Led by a former Nexon developer, AEUS TECH was founded with the core belief that games should be fun and simple, yet very difficult to master. All music featured in the game was created by Kazuna Nakama.


Roles: Music Composer

Froskur is a game made in 2012 for a 1st year game project at Gotland University.
Froskur is a 4 player game where players are set in 2 teams, each with different rules and winning conditions.

Hashi - Film Directed by Sherman Ong

Roles: Featured Composer

Japan/Singapore/Malaysia | 2008 | 111 mins |
Japanese with English subtitles

Best Screenplay, Singapore Film Awards, Singapore International Film Festival 2009
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009
In Competition, Rome Asian Film Festival 2009
Barcelona Asian Film Festival 2009

A film that deals with very relevant issues in our everyday lives, Hashi centres on 3 women from 3 age groups – Shino(50s), Junko(30s) and Momo(20s). Momo is a bento (box lunch) delivery girl who sends bento lunches to Shino and Junko, who are colleagues in an office. Momo would always tell her dreams to Shino or Junko. One day Shino gets a call from an ex-boyfriend whom she has not met for 30 years. Junko has doubts about her relationship with her boyfriend. Their 3 lives cross and diverge in oblique and tangential ways. As the story weaves around issues of love, relationships, insecurity, death and the blurring between dreams and reality, the men in their lives are always present but hardly seen or heard.

Oh My Gravity - AEUS TECH

Roles: Soundtrack Designer

Click here to play Oh! My Gravity.
A Single button tap to flap style game available on watch and web Unity Player. Music by Kazuna Nakama.

Story of Chouko

Roles: Programmer, Modeler, Soundtrack Designer, Director

Story of Chouko is a Work in Progress Shinto-Sci-fi themed RPG. Texture Art by Callie Do, Animation by Julius Lee, Modeling and Coding by Kazuna Nakama.

Story of Chouko takes place in a timeless Shinto-like shrine where you play as Chouko. There is a desctuctive moth spirit that has been wrecking parts of the shrine, and you must pursue the moth to protect the shrine and restore peace and beauty to the land.